Argentina’s rolling Antofalla hills, a place where commercial grade lithium provides a gateway to evolving industries.

Lithium is a material growing in prevalence and popularity because of its use in a number of electronics, especially electric cars, a market expected to grow 16% over the next decade. Its use in electric vehicles has led Goldman Sachs to classify lithium as “the new gasoline

Thought Launch identified a lithium brine asset located next to the world’s largest lithium producer. We then identified a management team that had extensive experience in mining as well as deep ties to Argentina.

Thought Launch brought these two assets together, vended in lithium assets and led an initial funding round of $750,000 in October 2016. The second round of financing was completed in December 2017 for $5,000,000.

What started out as a shell company with diminiumus value was elevated to a thriving mining company with a $25,000,000 market cap.