Canada's Green Rush is opening new frontiers, and with the relentless pursuit of a dream James E. Wagner Cultivation's use of NASA derived aeroponics is on the forefront

JWC is one of only thirty-five Health Canada Licensed Producers of Cannabis to conduct a public offering since 2015, and they did it within a year of being involved with Thought Launch.

Nathan Woodworth, CEO of JWC has been cultivating cannabis under the MMAR since 2008. Woodworth bean using cannabis as a medicine to treat debilitating migraines that were so severe they prohibited him from working. Woodworth’s passion and belief in cannabis as a medicine led him to have a singular focus. 
JWC is the only ACMPR to achieve its status with less than $1,000,000 in capital raised. Most companies invest between $5,000,000 to $20,000,000 or more prior to achieving ACMPR status. Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry in Canada where Canadians spent an average of $1,200 each on Cannabis in 2017. Canada is the only G7 nation scheduled to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis.


Within a short period of sixty days, Thought Launch raised two financing rounds, in March 2017 $600,000 was raised and in May 2017 an additionally $3,000,000 was raised.

Subsequently, Thought Launch acted as an exclusive advisor to JWC and introduced the company to Canopy Growth and Canopy Rivers which secured JWC an additional funding round and a strategic relationship with Canopy Growth.

Thought Launch provided important introductions to key individuals, allowing JWC to expand its Board of Directors.  Thought Launch also provided the introduction to CPC for their go-public transaction.