How do we see health care more clearly? Investments in medical technologies, leading the way with Imagin Medical, an emerging company making leaps in cancer visualization.

Their passion leads to commercializing their products, and listing on the CSE creates an opportunity for investors.

Imagin’s i/Blue imaging is a technology that soars past current endoscopic diagnostic technologies, addressing a need in the most expensive cancer area today.

Imagin Medical is a pioneer in the field of medical imagery. The company focuses focus on bladder cancer imaging using uniquely innovative technology which can see cancerous cells in less than fifteen minutes with 100x more sensitive optics than any technology currently being used.

E. James Hutchens, CEO of Imagin Medical has a thirty year successful career track in the medical imaging field.

Dr. Stavros Demos, a scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory worked with the University of California Davis comprehensive care centre and Dr. Ralph DeVere White, the director of the University of California Davis Comprehensive Cancer centre bringing top level expertise and scientific expertise to Imagin Medical.

Bladder cancer is currently seen as the most expensive cancer to treat with $4 Billion USD being spent on bladder cancer surveillance in the United States each year.The technology brought by Imagin Medical represents the potential for major cost savings opportunity in the treatment of bladder cancers.