A newly discovered super material. A global multi-billion dollar industry in the midst of a transition. The world’s longest lasting light bulb. Now that’s a bright idea.

Developed by Dr. Andre Geim and Dr. Konstantin Novoselov the discovery of graphene as a material was so revolutionary it won the pair the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. Dr. Geim and Dr. Novoselov work at the University of Manchester in the world’s foremost graphene laboratory with a team of over 250 PhDs.

Thought Launch became involved in 2015 raising an initial $3,000,000 for Graphene Lighting.

The product itself is revolutionary, with the light bulbs having a 25,000 hour life-span with options for home and office use. The light bulbs are LED based and use cooling technology for a long lasting, bright light. Graphene Lighting began sales in June 2017.