What if veterinary medical were accessible any place, at any time.  For equine veterinarians mobility is vital to a successful practice. Axon Veterinary Technologies allows veterinarians access to all critical records, right from a smartphone.

Axon Veterinary Care technologies focuses on high end clients associated with racehorses, sport horses, and other types of horses. Their target market is in the United States. 

Axon’s proprietary, patented technology has seen significant investment since its inception and continues to grow.  Axon is looking forward to capitalizing on the existing equine health market, with goals to become a world leader in health accessibility. 

Importantly, Axon allows veterinarians and specialists to collaborate which allows for clear and effective communication between healthcare practitioners regardless of location. 

Peter Bak, CEO, has an exceptional track record in the healthcare industry. His vision led the Humber River Hospital Digitization Project, making it the first hospital of its kind in Canada.


For more information, on Axon, market opportunities, and management, please see below for a report prepared by Corvus Research & Communication Ltd.